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New NASA Probe Will Study Earth’s Forests in 3-D | NASA
The Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation lidar will reveal the 3-D architecture of forests, as depicted in this artist’s concept. The unprecedented detail of these measurements will provide crucial information about the impact that trees have on the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Image Credit:  NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

Créditos. Fotografía y estilismo: Roberto Piqueras. Maquillaje: Ammy Drammeh para Mac Cosmetics. Arte: por Sam Rolfes. Modelo: Sita Abellán

"I actually find lots of good stuff in mp3.com.
I’d wish everyone would use mp3.com, it would be
brilliant! You search for the „sounds like“ bascially
and then you just pick things that are obscure, that
way you can get good stuff. If I search there I don’t
search for „Aphex Twin“ because that’s bad,
instead you look for something that’s really obscure
like „Venetian Snares“. Because if anyone thinks
that they sound like „Venetian Snares“ then you
know that they are going to be a bit more eclectic. I
also like to search for gabba but unfortunately
there’s not very much gabba on mp3.com."
imagining RDJ typing ‘sounds like venetian snares’ into an mp3.com searchbox in 2001

We also visited a tiny shop that could assemble very sophisticated boards in single-unit volumes for a price comparable to a typical monthly cable TV bill, because they would make them by hand. They place barely visible chips onto boards by hand and had a soldering technique that Americans will tell you can only be done by a $50,000 machine. What amazed me was that they used no assisted vision. No microscopes, magnifying lenses, etc. - workers in the US can do some of what they do, but they need assisted vision. bunnie posits that they do it mostly by feel and muscle memory. It was amazing and beautiful to watch.


Derek Kim, Modern Atlas Poster
"We are compartmentalized, looking at a tiny corner of a very complex system beyond our individual comprehension. Increasing numbers of our systems—from finance to electricity to cybersecurity to medical systems, are going in this direction. We are losing control and understanding which seems fine—until it’s not. We will certainly, and unfortunately, find out what this really means because sooner or later, one of these systems will fail in a way we don’t understand."
Failing the Third Machine Age (via socio-logic)